'My daughter, Lily is legally blind thoroughly enjoyed the drumming experience. Lily is musically gifted and loves to sing. This workshop gave her great enjoyment to express herself through music. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming.'

Drumming is an activity that is suitable for people of all ages and abilities and there are no limits on who can participate. Recent research has shown that drumming improves balance and co-ordination as well as benefiting the mental health of participants.

We are passionate about promoting inclusiveness and embracing diversity. Our programs are suitable for people with special needs, disabilities and language barriers. Each of our workshops are individually prepared to cater for the needs of the participants.

Circles of Connection provide a safe environment for people with disabilities to come together and connect through drumming and percussion.

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'My son has cerebral palsy and sensory processing issues. He loved the Circles of Connection drumming workshop and I was really impressed at how Carolyne and Linda catered for his individual needs and those of the other participants.'

Rachael McKenna

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