We currently live in a world full of paradox. The internet has connected everyone on the planet, yet we feel more disconnected. We live in a time of abundance, yet we seem to struggle more than ever before. The past pace of this century has resulted in an epidemic of anxiety, depression and overwhelm.

Through meditation, we can bring the peace and bliss that we experience in our deep sleep state into our waking state. Meditation has been scientifically proven to reduce stress, control anxiety and promote emotional health whilst improving concentration and attention span.

Circles of Connection are available for sound healing and meditation classes that include the following;

  • Benefits of meditation

  • The difference between the Self and the Mind

  • Body scan/progressive relaxation

  • Guided meditation with crystal bowl sound healing

  • Praanayam meditation

  • Sanskrit mantras and chants

  • How to use Mala beads

Contact us for a custom package that will suit your needs.

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